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Air Conditioning Plymouth


Air Conditioning Plymouth


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Air Conditioning Plymouth

If you require air conditioning at your home or business premises in Plymouth then Airtec are the solution. We are located in South Brent and have over 15 years experience in installing and maintaining these units.

If you are an employer who has office space that is not fully air conditioned then you could be putting your staffs health at risk, not to mention that your employees will also be liable to make mistakes that they wouldn't ordinarily do if they were in more comfortable temperate conditions.

So if you are located in Plymouth and are currently seriously considering getting an air conditioning unit then please consider the following details that apply to our units.

Our systems provide you with an accurate control unit for the temperature and will heat or cool the room to the exact temperature that you require no matter what the temperature is outside.

As well as conditioning the air so that the heat is at a good temperature for yourself the units are fitered with seperate filters which can be removed and cleaned when necessary. The filters are ideal for the extraction of things in the air such as pollen and dust as well as odours including sweat which can happen in a workshop that is full of men working hard away doing very laborious tasks. So they are very advantageous to people who suffer from allergies.

There are a few different modes on the air conditioning and the cooling mode helps to reduce the humidity in the air, these units will reduce it to around fifty percent which is the expected level and leaves you feeling very comfortable. If you have the correct humidity level in your property then you reduce the growth of things such as dust mites and therefore reduce health risks and also any electrical appliances that you have will also have a longer life as they will not be getting clogged up with unnecessary dust.

So if you are from Plymouth or the surrounding areas and require air conditioning services from a local comapny that you can trust then we are the people to call on, we are always ready to offer our expert help even if it is just for a quote.