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Air Conditioning Torquay


Air Conditioning Torquay


Air Conditioning Torquay from Aitrec Climate Control
















Air Conditioning Torquay

Our air conditioning units help to create the ideal working environment in Torquay and the whole South West regions of England. We have a wide selection of wall, floor and ceiling units which can be located at either a private home or in large industrial premises and all have the cooling or warming effect that you are looking for, at a price that suits your budget.

Air conditioning units are as important in Torquay as they are anywhere in the country, more so maybe as we do tend to have the best of the weather and if you are working in premises where the heat is too much during the summer and too cold during the winter then these are the ideal solution as they have both cooling and heating functions that will keep the temperature to whatever you set the control.

The air conditioning wall units are perfect for areas that are both large and small, the flow of the air is controlled independently so that it meets the requirements of the individual.

The floor units are designed to be ideally installed underneath areas with window frames and you can easily attach them to the wall which will save you lots of floor space and also makes them a lot easier to maintain and keep clean.

The ceiling conditioning units are perfect for people needing to adjust the airflow so that it extends to all parts of the room and create a very cool ambience throughout.

All our customers, whether we've installed their system or not, reap the benefits of our planned Service Agreement carried out by our skilled engineers.