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Climate Control Cornwall South West


Climate Control Cornwall South West


Climate Control Cornwall South West from Aitrec Climate Control
















Climate Control Cornwall South West

Airtec Climate Control is based near Cornwall in South West England and offer services related to air conditioning and climate control throughout the region.

We have been involved in climate control systems in Cornwall for over fifteen years and have been helping people in the south west region of England with all their heating and cooling needs for all this time, which has helped us to gain massive experience in a field that is becoming highly important especially to employers as they are now legally bound to ensure that the working environment of their employees is at a comfortable level.

Not just because it is a legal requirement should you as an employer be considering having a climate control system fitted but also because it helps your employees to succeed better at their job, they will make less mistakes and the chances of them become irritated with other members of staff and in the worst case scenario with the customers will also become less and less. Accidents are reduced and absenteeism is reduced as people will not mind coming to work on hot summer days if their is an air conditioning system in place.

In the South West of England we are lucky to have some of the bet weather so when it is hot it feels good to be able to use the climate control system to reduce the temperature to something that is more bearable.

AirTec is based at South Brent, between Exeter and Plymouth and we are, therefore, centrally positioned to carry out installation and maintenance throughout the South West.